US Freaks Out, Worries Russia Would Cut Undersea Internet cables

undersea cable us pacific fleet flickr
undersea cable us pacific fleet flickr

undersea-cable-us-pacific-fleet-flickrShort Bytes: Russia got the US intelligence agencies into a frenzy as its naval submarines and spy ships got too close to the global undersea Internet cables. The US officials panicked as speculations that Russia might be trying to sever the fiber-optic cables came up.

The world experienced a déjà vu when reports of the US intelligentsia getting worried about the increasing Russian activities in the North Atlantic Ocean surfaced in the news. As the Russian Navy submarines and spy ships got too close to the undersea cables that carry about 95% of the global Internet connections, speculations that an attempt by the Russians to cut the information carrying cables got everyone on the US intelligence to panic.

Russian hackers had previously attacked the Pentagon computers, so the US agencies are expecting the worst- severing the undersea fiber-optic cables that would immediately isolate the US and the West and block the communication system and business that everyone is dependent on.

There were reports of Russia having created a weapon that could switch off the enemy satellites which when combined with the fresh rumours could bring the whole world to a halt. However, no such proof of Russian interference with the cables has come up yet.

Russia has flexed its muscles and showed its military prowess in Crimea, eastern Ukraine and now Syria while destroying the IS forces as the world saw in wonder. This new-found aggression in the Russian military has kept the US agencies on toes and brought a reminiscence of the Cold War era.

US defence officials are worried as the Russian fleet goes deeper into the ocean where it is tough to find and repair the damages. If incurred any damage, the global business of around $10 trillion a day that is carried out through these cable connections would receive a serious shock.

Via: NYT

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