Russian Superweapon That Can “Switch Off” All Enemy Satellites

russian superweapon
russian superweapon
A Topol-M missile on MZKT-79221 mobile launcher (Image: Wikipedia)

With the ever advancing technology, the modes of warfare have also developed with time to become more sophisticated. The countries are not just banking upon their defense officers and soldiers to protect them or win a battle when comes the situation, but they also are testing and developing high-end superweapons to give them an advantage, and also reduce casualties. Recently, US Military came into limelight when they signed a deal with Malloy Aeronautics for a new class of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV).

This time it is Russia that has claimed of a revolutionary superweapon that has the capability to dilapidate enemies’ satellites and the cruise weapons guided by them. It is a means of a modern electronic warfare that causes less human destruction compared to earlier means. This weapon has the potential to shut down all the satellite-based radio-electronic equipment of the target.

The new system is being developed by Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) and it complies with the International Weapons Law, means it won’t be mounted on the satellites, but would be used from the ground, air, and sea.

The Russian superweapon can completely mute all the communications, navigation, and other satellite-guided precision missiles. Basically it could just ‘Switch Off’ the enemy satellites, thus making their sophisticated weapons useless.

Currently, the weapon is ongoing ground testing and will be taken out for trials at testing ranges later this year. With efforts from various countries and organizations to get Nuclear Weapons banished across the world, are we looking at the more advanced Electronic Warfare; could this new system really be Russia’s Superweapon against the world?

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Source: TASS 

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