Twitter Working On ‘Collaboration Feature’ For Tweets With Multiple Authors

twitter collaboration feature

Twitter has been actively adding new features to its platform for free and paid users alike. One such new feature is Twitter ‘Collaboration’, which will allow multiple users to co-author a tweet. The company is currently working on this feature, but there’s no clue when Twitter will add it to the platform.

Other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others already have such features. These features also allow creators to partner with businesses and collaborate with them. Twitter seems to be playing catch up with other social media platforms with this ‘Collaboration’ feature.

Twitter Collaboration feature

Twitter’s collaboration feature only works once a user accepts a request to collaborate from another. You can only send a request to people that follow you and have a public Twitter account. After accepting the request, both accounts are shown as co-authors on the tweet.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reliable leaker, had previously confirmed the feature’s existence and how it looks. Twitter has been working on this collaboration feature since December of last year.

You can tag others in tweets and photos on Twitter, but it won’t show up on their followers’ timelines. However, using the collab feature, the post will show up on both accounts.

This feature is one of many new additions to the platform recently. Would you be interested in co-authoring tweets with other Twitter accounts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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