Twitter Finally Lets Everyone Start A Conversation Via Spaces

Now, everyone can create audio rooms on the platform.


After a string of updates, Twitter’s live audio room feature, called Spaces, now lets every user create a room. In doing this, Twitter Spaces joined a rival Clubhouse that gave the same ability to all users a few months ago.

Back in April, Twitter rolled out spaces where users could join a voice-chat room to either take part in the conversation or listen to those speaking. Initially, not everyone could create audio rooms as it required you to have at least 600 followers first. However, you could still join others’ Spaces regardless of your follower count.

Since then, the Jack Dorsey-led firm has continued to enhance the Spaces experience while competing with Clubhouse. As announced via a tweet, it has now opened the doors for every user on Android and iOS to create their Spaces audio room. Additionally, the tweet also gave a quick tutorial on creating a room via the Twitter app.

Understandably, Twitter making spaces fully accessible for everyone is a big step. It implies that the social media giant now trusts the feature enough to handle all of Twitterati. Moreover, it hints that the company has streamlined most of its beta features by now.

Despite everything, Twitter Spaces has more than Clubhouse to worry about when it comes to competition. This is because Spotify and Facebook have also expanded into this domain with “Spotify Greenroom” and “Facebook Live Audio Room,” respectively. With these live audio room platforms updating constantly, it’ll be interesting to see who eventually emerges as the leader in this space.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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