Twitter Spaces Is A New Clubhouse Rival For Android: Here’s All About It

What is Twitter Spaces and how it works

Twitter Spaces is a voice-based discussion platform, which is introduced as a new feature on the main app. Here, you can talk about or listen to discussions where two or more people are talking live. While Twitter started testing the feature on iOS beta in December last year, it is now rolling out to Android too.

If you have a Twitter app, you can join Twitter Spaces in a few easy steps. However, only a select group of people can create Spaces and start a conversation. Spaces arrived as a Clubhouse alternative and has already made its way to Android users now. Here is everything you need to know about how Twitter Spaces works.

What Is Twitter Spaces And How It Works?

Twitter Spaces is a new feature you can find on the Twitter app. Spaces lets you create live audio-rooms where you can talk about things with up to 10 other speakers. Once a room is created, it is open for everyone to join as long as it is live. Once the room ends, it won’t be publicly available.

The platform has been actively trying to include voice as a medium of expression. Within the last few months, we’ve seen voice Tweets and voice messages enabled on Twitter. You can read all about those features in the links below.

It is still in the testing phase, so only selected people can create their own Space. The room host can invite up to 10 people to speak, but there is no cap on the number of listeners or Twitter Spaces duration.

If you get access to the new Twitter feature, you’ll need to know how to use it. To create a new Twitter Space, open the Twitter app and long-press the ‘compose’ (feather icon) button. Now tap on the Spaces icon on the far left. This will start your Spaces conversation, and you’ll be able to invite up to 10 people to speak.

The iOS feature has been out for a while, and Twitter Spaces Android has been introduced now. This shows quick development from the company and assures that everyone will be able to create a Spaces room soon.

Twitter Spaces FAQs

Who can see and join my Twitter Space?

Twitter Spaces are public, so anyone can see or join in to listen to your Twitter space. However, you can limit the number of speakers in a Space.

How can I control my Twitter Space?

You can add or remove speakers in your Twitter Space. You can also report and block others.

How many people can speak or listen in Twitter Spaces?

Up to 10 people can speak in a Twitter Space. There is no cap on the number of listeners.

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