Twitter Acquires Threader To Make A New Twitter Blue Feature

Twitter Threader acquisition

Less than a week after Twitter Blue launched in the U.S. and NZ; Twitter has acquired Threader. Threader is a tweet thread compiler that makes it easier to compile long threads into paragraphs.

Twitter’s Threader acquisition is discontinuing Threader as an independent app. So if you were using Threader, the app would go offline on December 15. The tool will now be integrated into Twitter Blue, a paid version of Twitter with more features and customization options.

Twitter Gets Threader: What’s Next?

Threader has been a valuable tool for people consuming long-form Twitter content. Just give the compile command, and a thread of 50 tweets gets presented as neatly-put paragraphs.

You can also use the extension to export these tweets as a PDF and save them for later. With Twitter acquiring Threader, you’ll be able to do all of this from within the Twitter app. Threader is a paid feature and continues to be the same as you’ll now get it with Twitter Blue.

However, this acquisition and adding Threader to Twitter Blue makes for a better value proposition. It is also indicative of how the platform plans to justify the $2.99/month premium.

Twitter Blue offers a dedicated long-form tool, a 10-minute limit on video uploads, and ad-free reading from various publications. All of this shows that Twitter Blue is where Twitter turns into full-blown content creation and consumption platform with fewer limitations.

It is safe to say that Twitter Blue will be a closer alternative to Facebook. Also, the paid features should translate to better privacy and more content, but we’re yet to see how it works.

What do you think about Twitter Blue and the new form of paid social media? Should it be this way for all platforms, or is the current way better? Let us know in the comments.

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