Twitter CEO Says The Platform Removes Half A Million Spam Accounts Every Day

Twitter's CEO shares details on how the platform combats bot accounts!

Twitter CEO Says The Platform Removes 5,00,000 Spam Accounts Every Day
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Parag Agrawal, the acting CEO of Twitter, shared a long Twitter thread on Monday. The main focus was divulging information about the bot accounts and activity on Twitter. Parag was very elaborate and published a long thread, advocating the bot handling by Twitter.

The Twitter thread aimed at raising awareness rather than undermining Elon Musk’s statements. Every day serves as a launchpad for some new drama which is a common sight after Elon made strides to acquire the company.

What did Parag Agrawal say?

Parag opened the thread with the claim that all the information will rely on facts and data. He said that bot accounts are a menace and they tarnish the user experience of real people on the platform. He added that Twitter is proactively committed to solving the problems by detecting and removing as many bots as they can.

Spam isn’t just ‘binary’ (human / not human). The most advanced spam campaigns use combinations of coordinated humans + automation. They also compromise real accounts and then use them to advance their campaign. So – they are sophisticated and hard to catch,” Parag said.

Next, he elaborated on the nature of spam and said that it is dynamic. Twitter cannot rely on old policies to combat new types of spam and thus needs to constantly up its game. Agrawal added that Twitter suspends over half a million accounts each day because they carry spammy traits.

Elon doesn’t like spam

Elon Musk reportedly put the acquisition on hold and said that spam was above 5% on Twitter. Then a private report claimed that the actual number could be 20% or more. Elon further added that the deal won’t move forward unless Twitter shows a data-backed report. It should be able to prove that the number of spam/fake accounts is below 5%.

Parag Agrawal
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Parag’s clarification would suffice for most of us. But Elon wants a detailed report that Twitter refuses to share due to privacy reasons. This abrupt demand has put the acquisition on hold which isn’t good news for Twitter.

The company is already battling employee unrest. A senior engineer of the company even confirmed that Twitter is biased towards leftists and doesn’t believe in free speech. Do you think that the acquisition will ever be complete? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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