2019 iPhone Xr Successor Will Be The Last LCD iPhone: WSJ

2020 iPhones

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to completely adopt OLED displays from 2020 onwards. iPhone Xr successor, which will be launched this year, will be the last iPhone to feature an LCD display.

Apple’s plan to ditch LCD display and use OLED for iPhones will help it in achieving a slimmer and “more flexible handset design” which could bring a drastic change in iPhone’s design in 2020. The use of LCDs hinders a slimmer design which is why iPhone Xr has larger bezels as compared to the other two flagship iPhones launched last year.

The report also indicates that Apple is looking forward to changing the form factor of iPhone from the conventional rectangular slob design. Earlier, a Bloomberg report also said that the Cupertino giant could add hover gestures in iPhones and we could also see banana-esque curved iPhones in the near future.

Such reports are the indication that we could see a major design change in 2020 iPhones.

Most smartphone manufacturers have already started using OLED displays instead of LCDs because of the fact that the latter requires a standalone backlight component that isn’t efficient when it comes to conserving battery and also causes strain on eyes.

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