Googlers: Google Must Stop Drop Chinese Search Project “Dragonfly”

google china search

In response to Google’s work on Project Dragonfly, a censored version of Google’s search service for China, numerous Google employees have joined hands with Amnesty International. They’ve signed an open letter, calling on the search giant to cancel the project altogether.

This development comes in the wake of the recent developments that included various human rights organizations and media reports pointing fingers at Google. “So far, our leadership’s response has been unsatisfactory,” the letter says.

The employees also mention that their opposition to the project doesn’t directly concern China. Instead, they are worried about modern technologies being used by powerful forces to oppress the common people, in general.

It goes without saying that Dragonfly will also encourage the Chinese government to spread its propaganda with more efficiency. “Such controls would likely be used to silence marginalized people, and favor information that promotes government interests,” the letter further states.

The employees have also taken the opportunity to outline the fact that most of them accepted the job opportunity at Google because they believed in the company’s values. However, due to the recent developments, they don’t believe that this is the case anymore.

Google is too powerful not to be held accountable. We deserve to know what we’re building and we deserve a say in these significant decisions.”

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