After Instagram And YouTube, Twitter Becomes TikTok With Immersive viewing Feature

It is only available for iOS users at the moment!

Twitter Immersive viewing mode
Image: Twitter

Short-format content has taken over almost every social platform. Twitter is the latest social media app to cave into the urge of adding a scrollable video feed. While the original idea of Twitter was to share opinions in concise sentences, this approach makes it a video-focused platform as well.

Like TikTok and Instagram reels, you can now enter a Twitter Immersive viewing mode in the Twitter app. You will have a full-screen view of the video and can swipe up to see more such videos. It will also offer video suggestions in the explore section.

Twitter Immersive viewing

The idea is simple – to let users experience videos in full-screen and find more such relevant videos. It is exactly like you see on YouTube, Facebook reels, TikTok, etc. The main idea is to engage users and keep them hooked to the video feed, as it happens on other platforms. While this may seem like a good move for the company, we hope that apps retain their originality in the coming years.

You can activate the Twitter Immersive viewing mode by clicking/tapping on a video on Twitter and then launching it in full-screen mode. After you’re done watching it, you can scroll down to see more videos like it in the immersive viewing mode. If you want to exit the video mode, you can tap on the back button located in the top-left corner of the app.

Twitter immersive view
Image: Twitter

Apart from this TikTok-like addition, Twitter will also offer video suggestions in the explore section. The videos will appear under the Video for You section. You can scroll through the section to find a relevant video. Make note that this feature will only be accessible to iOS app users at the moment. Twitter didn’t share any details about the expected timeline for when these features will become available on the Android app as well.

Twitter shared that it wants to become the best place for video. Twitter recently added more features to Twitter spaces and followers feature to boost the creator’s revenue. However, it is still stuck in a spat with the Tesla owner over the $44 million dollar deal.

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