Facebook Suspends 200 Apps In Data Misuse Investigation


Over a month ago, Mark Zuckerberg had promised to look into data abusing apps like Cambridge Analytica’s, and the results of the ongoing investigations are finally here.

Facebook announced in an official blog post that around 200 apps have been suspended for potentially misusing user data. This statement comes after an audit that was initiated due to Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The social media company has claimed that “thousands” of apps have undergone its scanner. And the above mentioned 200 apps are pending a “thorough investigation” that would determine whether their developers have misused user data or not.

The company was investigating all apps that had access to large amounts of data, before introducing changes in Facebook’s policies in 2014 — which had restricted data access. Zuckerberg had announced that apps failing in this audit will get banned from the platform.

Ime Archibong, VP of Facebook’s Product Partnerships, writes that investigation is in “full swing.” They will be conducting interviews and sending requests for information (to find in detail what kind of data they had access to).

Moreover, they would perform audits including on-site inspections of the apps in question. The blog post further says that on finding evidence on apps that misused data, Facebook will ban them and notify people via this website if their data has been leaked.

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