Twitter Completely Bans Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones And InfoWars


Following Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promised to “clean up the toxic environment” from the micro-blogging site, the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his fake news website Infowars accounts have officially been banned.

After the hard hitten action, the company explained their move in a bunch of tweets.

The ban immediately comes after a heated argument between CNN reporter, back in Wednesday which Alex Jones live streamed on Periscope, a video streaming service by Twitter.

In a follow-up, the conspiracy theorist posted a video on its website and said, “I was taken down not because we lied but because we tell the truth and because we were popular.”

Alex Jones is known for some pretty absurd theories like Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was “completely faked with actors”. Also, how Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are followers of Satan.

Twitter had previously banned the guy for seven days citing a bunch of tweets which violated the policy. However, the company was previously reluctant to completely ban Alex Jones, saying they didn’t have enough offensive content to take such critical steps.

InfoWars and Alex Jones have already been banned from other tech giants like Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Youtube. Everyone citing that the content didn’t go with their policies and had to be taken off.

Interestingly, Twitter says that Jones will not be able to recreate another account on the social media website and on Periscope as well.

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