Jack Dorsey Finally Realized Twitter Has A Toxic Environment

Jack Dorsey Twitter

Twitter’s efforts to clean up its platform often feels like a drop in the ocean, and now its CEO finally seems to be acknowledging this fact.

In an interview with CNN, Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said that the company is working to clean up the toxic atmosphere created by individuals on the platform.

Even though he did not disclose specific policy changes or commit to a timetable, he is considering changes in the key parts of Twitter’s functionality to restrict the spread of hate speech, harassment, and fake news.

But again, he was reluctant to remove false reports outright. According to Dorsey, it can be “dangerous” for Twitter employees to become “arbiters of truth.”

The CEO also explained why Twitter didn’t suspend the accounts of Alex Jones and InfoWars right away despite the public outcry. He says that the company doesn’t have sufficient resources to hunt for offensive content as it would take “hours and hours and hours” to filter through the content.

Now such responses won’t go down well with critics given that its peers like Facebook have been proactively working towards removing fake news and hate speech from its platform without waiting for users to reports of violation.

Despite the attempts to cast Twitter as neutral in the interview, it appears that the social media giant is simply evasive and unwilling to do what needs to be done.

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