YouTube Prices Reveal Twitter Blue Tick Price Around The World

Elon musk twitter blue tick price
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Elon has spoken, and rather bluntly so. Tweeting about Twitter’s blue tick price, Tesla CEO said, “to all complainers, please continue complaining, but it will cost $8”. However, Musk also said that the $8 Twitter blue tick would be cost-adjusted to other countries. YouTube is much similar to Twitter in this regard. The service also offers a premium plan, which has creators as well as consumers that can use that plan.

While there’s no badge for YouTube Premium users, they get an ad-free experience and playback with the screen locked. Recently YouTube tried making 4k videos a premium feature, but that didn’t go well, so the streaming giant dropped the plan. Not only YouTube but all other Google services, as well as Apple subscriptions, are cost-adjusted to make them priced reasonably across the world. So with Twitter, Elon announced the same thing so here’s a prediction for Twitter Blue India pricing.

The Twitter Blue subscription is priced at $8 for the U.S. and could go as low as $1.2 for countries like India, Turkey, and Philipinnes. We have estimated these numbers from the YouTube Premium global price chart maintained by VPN Wiki. The variation is almost the same as all companies do, so don’t expect Twitter’s to be entirely different. By these estimates, we can expect adjustments of up to 80% in blue tick subscription prices.

YouTube Premium and Twitter blue tick price

In Google’s home country, the U.S., YouTube premium costs $11.99/month. In India, the same service costs $1.56/month. A similar cost adjustment can be seen when we look at Apple services in the country. Apple One, which is a must-have for Apple ecosystem users, costs $16.95/month in the U.S. and $2.36 in India. Seeing that Musk has set an $8 dollar price for Twitter blue tick verification in the U.S., it is likely to cost around $1.2 in India.

The smart thing about cost adjustment is that it lets you reach the masses. Price differences between the U.S., India and other markets allow companies to adjust to the purchasing power and the value of a country’s currency. A verified journalist from Africa earlier tweeted that people who were verified for their work in the country can’t afford the $20/month price tag. It is pretty much the same for an $8 cost, but the same journalist will probably be able to afford Twitter Blue at $2-$3/month.

Keeping things affordable also means Twitter will have to rely less on advertisements for revenue. Most people buy a YouTube or Spotify subscription only after getting frustrated with the ads, myself included. Musk mentioned in his announcement that premium Twitter users will see half the number of ads but it’s slightly a worse deal than any other comparable subscription service which eliminates ads altogether.

Will blue tick subscriptions reduce its value?

Activists, journalists, and other public figures have a blue tick on Twitter. It helps them stand out, reach a bigger audience, and add credibility to whatever they post. However, when the blue tick becomes a subscription in the future, it won’t hold much value for such celebrities. Musk could have another plan to sort this out but he didn’t mention it in his announcement.

However, he did say that Twitter will launch a separate badge for public figures like Politicians. If implemented correctly, the badges can help politicians, actors, and journalists stand out on the platform. This is one way to distinguish people who purchased the verified status for their work and the normal user who purchased it via a subscription.

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