VirtualBox 6.0 Released With Support For Linux 4.20 & Improved HiDPI

Oracle VirtualBox 6.0

Oracle has released the much awaited VirtualBox 6.0, a popular virtualization software used for running different operating systems in a virtual machine. With its release, Oracle has brought some of the major changes in the user interface and has added a swathe of new features to the application.

Amongst the most notable changes in VirtualBox 6.0 is support for exporting a virtual machine to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a revamped user interface with improved HiDPI and scaling support for high-end displays, 3D graphics support for Windows guests and VMSVGA 3D graphics emulation on Linux and Solaris guests.

Virtual 6.0 also brings support for surround speaker setups used in Windows 10 Build 1809, support for Hyper-V on Windows host for boosted performance and a new file manager for controlling guest file system and copying files between host and guest.

Additionally, Oracle has greatly improved the user interface that will speed up the process of setting up virtual machines. VirtualBox 6.0 will also support Linux 4.20 kernel which will be released soon. The changelog also says that the latest version of VirtualBox comes with added vboximg-mount on Apple hosts that will enable users to access the contents of guest disks on the host.

You can read the entire changelog by visiting the official page of VirtualBox 6.0.

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