Top 20 Countries With Fastest Broadband Internet Speed In The World

countries with the fastest internet speed

The Internet is what keeps our modern society functioning. No nation can function adequately without proper Internet infrastructure in this day and age. So here are the top 20 countries with the fastest internet speed in the world.

According to Speedtest Global Index, these figures are the median internet speeds of a particular country. Countries are ranked based on broadband and mobile internet speeds in this list. These figures are updated each month on Ookla’s official website.

“Speedtest Global Index rankings are based on median download speed to best reflect the speeds a user is likely to achieve in a market.”


Ookla has recently changed how they rank a country’s fastest internet speed. They are transitioning from a country’s mean internet speed to median internet speed. This change will better represent the average internet speed of a country.

Top 20 Countries with the Fastest Broadband Internet Speed

Currently, Singapore is the country with the fastest broadband internet speed globally. Monaco previously held this spot for most of 2021. However, with the ranking changes, it is more likely that countries like Singapore and Chile are likely to have the top spot.

According to Ookla, the global median broadband download and upload speeds were 62.52 Mbps and 26.98 Mbps, respectively (March 2022). Interestingly, the United States is ranked 8th with 151.46 Mbps internet download speed.

RankCountryFastest Broadband Download Speed (Mbps)Broadband Upload Speed (Mbps)
Global Average62.52 Mbps26.98 Mbps
1Singapore 197.97 Mbps166.31 Mbps
2Chile197.28 Mbps94.50 Mbps
3Thailand 187.80 Mbps152.92 Mbps
4Denmark170.38 Mbps95.14 Mbps
5Hong Kong 161.93 Mbps109.88 Mbps
6Monaco158.56 Mbps114.22 Mbps
7Macau157.97 Mbps143.91 Mbps
8United States 151.46 Mbps21.03 Mbps
9China151.34 Mbps37.32 Mbps
10Spain 136.67 Mbps102.27 Mbps
11Romania131.96 Mbps94.26 Mbps
12Liechtenstein 125.84 Mbps94.35 Mbps
13Japan122.48 Mbps93.72 Mbps
14New Zealand119.72 Mbps86.46 Mbps
15Switzerland119.68 Mbps63.60 Mbps
16Portugal110.66 Mbps76.96 Mbps
17Canada110.13 Mbps23.29 Mbps
18France108.60 Mbps90.52 Mbps
19United Arab Emirates107.98 Mbps74.44 Mbps
20South Korea106.74 Mbps94.61 Mbps

Notable countries and their ranks

Many notable countries are featured on the list, but not everyone can make it to the top. So here are the rankings of a few notable countries.

  • Israel: Rank 33 (91.43 Mbps)
  • Brazil: Rank 35 (91.03 Mbps)
  • Saudi Arabia: Rank 39 (82.61 Mbps)
  • Russia: Rank 44 (70.82 Mbps)
  • United Kingdom: Rank 53 (62.10 Mbps)
  • Italy: Rank 59 (54.31 Mbps)
  • Philippines: Rank 60 (52.16 Mbps)
  • India: Rank 72 (48.15 Mbps)
  • Ukraine: Rank 77 (46.96 Mbps)
  • Mexico: Rank 81 (41.46 Mbps)

The effect of 5G


Contrary to popular belief, the deployment of 5G slowed the global average speeds. However, this is pretty understandable considering the scope of this expansion. It will be interesting to see how 5G affects internet usage across the globe.

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