This Overpowered Snowmobile Has A Jet Engine Strapped On Its Back

jet-powered snowmobile
Image: Yahoo Autos

Snowmobiles, also called skimobiles and motor sleds, are fascinating vehicles. The way they navigate through slippery, snow-covered areas is nothing short of incredible. What really sets them apart is their sheer maneuverability as opposed to other snow vehicles. To break that statement down, snowmobiles are more agile than off-road trucks and more powerful than sleighs.

Essentially, a snowmobile is a combo of a jetski’s body atop a couple of skis. This smart pairing allows it to glide through snow and ice without much effort. However, there’s another version that further increases the sled’s power using a jet engine — not kidding.

In this article, we’re talking about the overpowered motor sled that spits fire from the back, like an aircraft, to thrust itself forward. Here’s a video showing the jet engine-powered snowmobile in action.

The inventors behind this superior snowmobile

This unique, modded snowmobile is the final form of an idea that crept into the minds of brothers Linus and Jim Nilsson and their friend Lars-Erik. They wanted to build a snow transport that ran using a jet engine rather than anything conventional.

Unlike what you may think, this creativity didn’t come out of the blue. It emerged out of their willingness to participate in a “landspeed event” for snow-treading machines. Previously, outlandish rides such as “The Saw,” which was basically a wooden chassis powered by a rotating saw blade at the back, have appeared there.

Building the dream snow machine

The Swedes pieced together a custom tubular steel chassis, an obscure jet engine, and recycled skis from a Ski-Doo Everest. After two years of significant testing, they finally got the snowmobile’s jet engine running. But, it took more time to ready it for covering a considerable distance.

snowmobile about to run

Although the pulse jet offers fire-shooting visual brilliance, it isn’t nearly as impressive in terms of performance. Back in 2017, Linus talked about how the outdated engine renders the snowmobile inefficient and noisy. In the creator’s own words, the engine’s sound can be easily heard from as far as 10mi (16.09km) away.

However, the snowmobile has still managed to achieve some really incredible feats. For instance, it has crossed the speeds of 245kmph and produced a thrust of around 2300N. Besides that, it’s a popular attraction at the annual “Speed Weekend on Ice” event, where it makes regular appearances.

Overall, this extremely fast and boisterous ride would be a worthy addition to the DIY hall of fame. This would be alongside the creations of DIY YouTuber Professor Pardal, including the propeller-powered motorcycle and the steam-powered tricycle.

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