Apple Will Launch iPhone SE 2 & Three New Products In Q1 2020, Says Kuo

Apple wireless headphone, Apple tag and small charging mat

Back in October last year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple would launch a successor to its affordable range — iPhone SE 2 in Q1, 2020, for $399.

Now, the renowned Apple leakster is back with some fresh information about the other interesting Apple gadgets coming this year.

Apple 2020: Three New Products

According to Kuo, Apple will unveil three new products in the first half of 2020, other than the much-anticipated iPhone SE 2.

This includes a wireless charging mat, AirTags, and high-end wireless headphones. Apart from that, Apple will also launch new iPad Pro models and MacBook Pro models with scissor keys.

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Apple Tags

Apple Tags are ultra-wideband powered tracking tags that will enable users to efficiently track objects and other Apple products better than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Back in 2018, there was evidence of a tracking device in the iOS 13 code along with the name “AirTags.” It seems that Apple will finally unveil the device this year.

Wireless headphones

There have been rumors about Apple working on headphones, which is separate from its Beats lineup.

While Ming-Chi Kuo confirms the rumor, he does not reveal much about the headphones, other than the fact that they will support Bluetooth.

Wireless charging mat

Kuo also briefed about a “small” wireless charging mat in the works. But he didn’t give any further information about the product.

Apparently, Apple has a lot of bad memories attached to wireless charging mats. Back in 2017, Apple showed off its first wireless charging mat, a.k.a. AirPower, along with iPhone X. The tech giant said it would launch in 2018, but it never arrived.

Meanwhile, there were rumors that Apple is having production, engineering, and manufacturing difficulties with the product. Fast forward to March 2018; Apple announced it will kill the product citing the inability to meet its high standards for the hardware.

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Now that the wireless charging mat is back. It’s not clear if it is the same charging mat or something entirely different.

Apart from all this, Kuo warns that Apple might delay the production of these new products due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Hence, even if Apple unveils the new products in Q1 2020, production won’t likely start before the second half of 2020.


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