These Apps On Google Play Store Can Steal Your Bank Details

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There are several malicious apps on the Google Play Store that can steal your bank info like login credentials and send fake texts to extract sensitive information.

These apps masquerade as battery managers, cleaners, device boosters, and even horoscope-themed apps. Usually, such malicious apps impersonate legitimate banks and display bogus login screens to steal your sign-in details.

However, the apps discovered by security experts at ESET use evasive methods to avoid detection. Some of these apps pretend to delete themselves or display fake error messages at launch but continue to snoop in the background.

How do they operate?

Cybersecurity experts have found as many as 29 sneaky Trojans that are hard to detect. In this case, the Trojans are related to a particular family — Red Alert 2.

These Trojans can be controlled remotely and are capable of dynamically targeting any other app present on the victim’s device.

They use customized phishing attacks along with activities like intercepting and redirecting text messages to bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication, reading call logs, and downloading as well as the installation of other malicious apps on the compromised device.

Even though such banking Trojans are uploaded through a variety of apps that run under different developer names. But there are similarities in the codes and a shared C&C server suggesting that such apps are the work of a single malware author or group.

Apart from bank details, these apps also steal social media and cryptocurrency account details. Such an app named “Easy Rates Converter” was available on the Play Store for 6 days and it was downloaded more than 500 times before it was removed finally.

List of apps that contain the Banking Trojan

Here is the complete list of apps that were flagged by the security agency and you should immediately uninstall these or any other suspicious apps in your phone:

Power Manager Master Cleaner – CPU Booster
Astro Plus Daily Horoscope – Astrological Forecast
Master Cleaner – CPU Booster Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler
Master Clean – Power Booster Horoscope 2018
Super Boost Cleaner Meu Horóscopo
Super Fast Cleaner Master Clean – Power Booster
Daily Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs Boost Your Phone
Phone Booster – Clean Master “Phone Cleaner – Booster
Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler Clean Master Pro Booster 2018
Ultra Phone Booster Clean Master – Booster Pro
Free Daily Horoscope 2019 BoostFX.Android cleaner
Free Daily Horoscope Plus – Astrology Online Daily Horoscope
Phone Power Booster Personal Horoscope
Ultra Cleaner – Power Boost How to stay safe
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