Thanks Google Cloud: Now, Google Won’t Read Your Emails For Gmail Ads

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Advertising is the biggest model Google uses for roping in cash from. They take the help of the users who think every Google service is free, because it is, but not for advertisers who want to promote their content.

Google Ads are also visible in the company’s mail service called Gmail and they have been largely criticized, even faced lawsuits, in the past for analyzing user’s emails and displaying relevant ads.

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Thanks to the guys at Google Cloud, according to a Bloomberg report, Mountain View is about to stop peeking into users’ emails in order to display ads.

The reason behind this major change is G Suite – a set of paid work apps including Gmail, marketed by the Google Cloud division. Diane Greene, VP of Google Cloud, said that Gmail Ads never appeared in front of paying Gmail users. But the paying users have expressed concern over the distinction and its privacy implications.

“What we’re going to do is make it unambiguous,” Greene told the publication.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will stop seeing ads in Gmail. They will continue but the motivation behind those ads would be from the information Google already knows about you. Like the details you give when you open your account, the things you search, videos you watch, etc.

Diane Greene founded VMware Inc. which is behind the famous hard virtualization software of the same name. She was appointed as a board member at Google in 2012.

Ever since Greene joined Google’s Cloud division, Google has made efforts to increase the customer base and get investments for their cloud-based products including G Suite which had reached around 3 million paying companies, as of January this year. Last month, she revealed her intentions to make Google the cloud leader by 2022. This would be possible by defeating big guys like Amazon.

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