Mozilla Is Giving $2 Million For Ideas On How To Decentralize The Web; Apply Now


Short Bytes: Mozilla and the National Science Foundation have partnered to make the web more decentralized. They are offering a $2 million prize for the worthy ideas submitted by the U.S.-based contestants. The contest aims at creating new solutions and utilizing the existing ones to help people enjoy a better connectivity. 

If we talk abut the U.S., 10% of the country’s population doesn’t have access to quality internet connectivity. In developing countries like India, this number is disturbingly higher. In the case of disasters and emergency situations, people often lose vital communication channels when they are needed the most. To solve this problem, Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are inviting you to take part in a challenge.

To decentralize the web and connect the people across the U.S., Mozilla is accepting applications for the Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society (WINS) challenges.

The total $2 million prize is being given as a part of 2 problems. These challenges are:

  • Challenge 1: Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge: This challenge asks you to come up with ideas regarding how to use wireless technology to keep people connected in a disaster aftermath.
  • Challenge 2: Smart Community Networks Challenge: This contest invites ideas to use existing infrastructure to deliver a reliable and efficient connectivity in areas that need greater internet access.

Please note that the competition is only for the people who live in the US. You can follow this link to know more about the contest, requirements, and further instructions.

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