Android O Likely To Be Called Oatmeal Cookie

android oatmeal cookie

Short Bytes: Several references have been found in the source code and commit logs for Android 8.0 which indicate that Android O might be finally called Android Oatmeal Cookie. Similar references were also found in slides presented during Google I/O 2017. While Oatmeal Cookie could be just an internal codename being used by Google developers, such speculations are surely fun to look at.

Soon after we got to know that Android N would be called Android Nougat (Android Nutella was fan favorite), people jumped upon Android O and started making predictions. Just in case you’re unable to list few desserts with the name O, we have got an Android O names predictions list to help you out.

Meanwhile, current favorite for Android 8.0 codename is Android Oreo. But, it might not end up making the final cut. A publication named Myce is suggesting that Android O might be called Android Oatmeal Cookie.

In an email sent to Fossbytes, Jan-Willem Aldershoff of told us that they’ve found several references in the Android source code, which give a very strong indication that Android 8.0 will be codenamed ‘oatmeal cookie.’

“In the source code we found references to ‘oc-dev’ which is in line with former branch names used by Google,” he added. If you think for a moment, “oc” stands for “oatmeal cookie.”

Added to this development, some weeks back at Google I/O, many Oatmeal References were found in the slides presented during Google I/O 2017.

So, what’s your take on this? Is Oatmeal Cookie just an internal development name? Are you still hopeful for Android Oreo? Share your views with us.

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