Tesla Model S 450,000 Miles Still As Good As New, Says Owner

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Image: Tesla

The Tesla Model S is a fantastic car and a durable one as well. The amazing lads at the YouTube channel TESLOOP did a complete review of the 2015 Tesla Model S.

The car is a 2015 Model S that completed 450,000 miles or 724,204km in October 2019. Here’s the video for you.


Tesla Model S Review By TESLOOP

Exterior of Model S

It’s the exterior that we notice first whenever we see a car. If you look at this Model S from a distance, then you may find it spotless. However, upon a closer look, you can see small scratches and rock chips at the front.

On the bottom line of the bumper, the paint is slightly faded because of dust. But overall, Tesla provides a good quality paint job.

I think it’s completely normal to have such wear on a car’s outer appearance after three or four years. And it’s hard to notice, until and unless you go looking with a magnifying glass in your hand.

Camera and Sensors

The condition of the camera was fine, it was working without any issue. On the other hand, the sensors were periodically replaced but never stopped working abruptly.


All the seats in the car had a reasonable amount of wear and tear. The seats are made up of original leather. However, the present seat covers are completely vegan. Mechanical parts such as hand rest, cup holder, etc. remain as they were when the car was new. However, the glovebox was loose, but it can be easily fixed.

Apart from this, at rear seats, there were no coat hooks and no 12 volt USB port.

If you compare with the new Model S, the navigation system in the 2015 electric car is a bit sluggish, which is, by the way, not because of the fact that the car is old, it was like this from the very start.

Autopilot Mode

In 2015, initially, there was no autopilot mode in the car, but thanks to Tesla’s Over-the-Air (OTA) update system, it now comes with an autopilot mode and auto-adaptive cruise control system. Unlike the latest Tesla Autopilot mode that works on hardware 3, this one works on hardware 1, which is not as capable, but still, works well.

Battery review: Model S

Now, this is one of the most important things that people want to know. Well, in this case, over three years and 450,000 miles of driving later, the Tesla Model S battery was replaced three times.

The first battery was replaced at 194,000 miles due to a battery chemistry issue. The second battery was replaced at 324,000 miles, and that’s because of some battery assembly issues.

Once again, thanks to Elon Musk, this was done under Tesla’s goodwill policy through the eight-year unlimited mile warranty.

The third battery is still working without any issues. However, there are some battery degradation issues, which is a practical aspect that everyone buying an electric vehicle should consider.

As per the YouTuber, the third battery has a degradation rate of 2.4 miles in range per 10,000 miles.

Maintenance Cost: Tesla Model S

As per the data provided by the YouTube channel, after traveling 450,000 miles, the overall maintenance cost for Tesla Model S is $27,000. Though it seems quite high, if you calculate a bit, then it turns out that it’s only six-cent per mile.

Apart from everything we discussed above, this old beast can still go from 0 to 60 in just 4.73 seconds.

According to one commenter: “450k miles, that is so freaking much lol.” Most of the people who commented on the video were either surprised or hailed the car for being in such great condition after running almost half a million miles.

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