Valve Partners With iFixit For Steam Deck Replacement Parts

Steam Deck replacement parts ifixit

With 10 days left for Steam Deck shipping to start, some pretty exciting developments are happening in the Steam Deck space. In a teardown video uploaded by Valve, the giant said that parts for the Deck would be made available to the general public and has revealed more details about the same.

iFixit will sell Steam Deck parts

In a post and Tweet, Valve revealed that it has partnered with iFixit to sell Steam Deck parts and Valve Index VR product parts. “Today, we’re announcing that iFixit will be one of the authorized sellers of Steam Deck replacement parts – as well as replacement parts for the Valve Index VR products. We are still hammering out the details and will be sharing more info on this soon.” This is a big win for right-to-repair enthusiasts.

Steam Deck iFixit Teardown Score

The Steam Deck teardown video by iFixit also showed the nitty-gritties of the console and how to replace parts like thumbsticks, SSD, etc. The console scored a 7/10 repairability score, a point less than the Nintendo Switch.

Soldered SD card slot, Type-C port, and a hard-to-replace battery are the reasons why the console scored lower than Nintendo Switch. But on the overall repairability front, the console is pretty repairable compared to most laptops.

What are your thoughts about Valve selling Steam Deck replacement parts and the console’s repairability? Do you think Valve could have done a better job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you’ve made up your mind to buy one, here’s which Steam Deck storage variant to choose.

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