Fortnite Black Hole Explained. Is It Really “The End”?

Fortnite Black Hole

Even the breakthrough image of a real black hole is not as enigmatic as the black hole in the Fortnite. Millions of users and streamers have been staring at the black screen for hours now.

Yesterday, precisely at 2:00 PM EST, the biggest battle royal platform on the planet went down, concluding the Fortnite event titled, “The End,” quite literally. So, the question is, what exactly happened, and what happens now?

Fortnite Goes Down

Regardless of what players think right now, only a few hours ago, everyone was extremely excited about the Fortnite “The End'” Event.

The event was supposedly going to end the Fortnite Season 10 nice and easy and would have introduced us to the Fortnite Season 11. However, things didn’t happen the way we imagined.

Going against the conventions of how a game introduces a new field or a map, Fornite quite literally ended the game with “The End” event, leaving people with a black hole, literally and metaphorically.

Fortnite Black Hole

Fortnite sucking the player’s map into the black hole might look abrupt and unprecedented; however, its pillars were already established back in early 2018.

Since the arrival of a mysterious alien, “The Visitor,” on the Fortnite Battle Royale island via a meteor, players have been witness to countless cataclysms in the game. However, the majority didn’t even have the slightest idea that the visitor would be the end of all.

Fornite users who were locked out in the end moments of Season 10 of the Fortnite game as we know it, here is how “The End” unfolded —

As soon as the countdown hit zero, the visitor launched the rocket into the sky he had built on the top of Dusty Depot. The missile immediately exploded, and rifts began to appear in the sky, followed by dozens of small missiles coming out of from the above.

Before users could make sense of it, all the small missiles formed one giant rift, which brought back the season 3 meteor and launched it into the vault.

Combined with an unsettling background score, all the players were sent into the sky, giving a bird’s eye view of the situation.  After that, the Fortnite island was sucked into a black hole, leaving players in darkness.

Streaming the Fortnite’s singularity

It’s been over nineteen hours since the blackout, and yet millions of people are still tuned to the live stream in the belief that Fornite could start up the next season at any time.

On the streamer’s perspective, it seems like no one wants to miss out on the new beginnings of Fornite, especially when several streamers and players were locked out of the game just towards the end.

Is this the Fortnite end or a new beginning?

Thousands of tweets to Epic games, millions of people dying to see a change in the game, establishes that the craze of Fortnite will remain, even after the stiff competition in the battle royal market.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely and even extremely unconventional for Fortnite to kill the game. The only logical conclusion out of the blackout is Fornite launching an entirely new map.

In fact, the Italian App Store accidentally uploaded a video that showed off what looked to be a new Fortnite map, seemingly with boats.

When will Fortnite come back?

Epic games was bombarded with thousands of tweets asking precisely the same thing. Unfortunately, the company has declined to answer.

And we are also as much in the dark as the rest of the Internet. However, the light around the black hole appears to grow as time pass. Is something huge about to happen? We will have to wait and see.

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