Guru Wireless charging radio waves

What better way to start a new decade than the technology that will completely change how we charge our gadgets and IoT devices.

This week at CES 2020, a startup named Guru is promising a future with no cords, and wireless changing mats; a true wireless power transmission that channels electricity using high-frequency radio waves.

Guru Desk charging

According to The Verge, Guru will be unveiling three products – a charging home-station that could wirelessly charge gadgets within a few feet, an amplified version of the home-station that packs a bigger range and a “roving Roomba-like robot” that will change and keep moving around.

Behind the Hood

Guru is using millimeter waves (mmWave) in its products. Although the high-frequency radio waves are used in the 5G networks in order to increase the data storage and reduce latency, they are also good for allowing high precision.

In this case, the startup uses that precision to identify the device and send localized radio waves that channelize electricity.

However, the highlight of the charging gadget is a new tech called Smart RF Lensing that enables them to control and send concentrated beams of radio frequency through the air. Thus, enabling even the small gadgets and IoT sensor to be charged.

Moreover, since the beams are concentrated and targeted, they are harmless to the users.

Physical Receivers, for now

Since the tech isn’t embedded in the present smart device, a small receiver at the back of each device would be required in order for wireless charging to work.

However, Guru is already in talks with electronic manufactures and is working on making receivers as small as possible. They are also working to improve the charging speed, given it’s relatively slow than what is offered by present Qi wireless chargers.

While the products might not be perfect, they seem to be a start of what appears to a new era of truly wireless charging.

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