Windows 10 Dark Theme Coming Soon With Anniversary Update

Windows 10 dark theme
Windows 10 dark theme
Windows 10 dark theme
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Short Bytes: Windows 10 dark theme is coming up with Windows 10 anniversary update along with the other most-waited features. This feature is already available in Windows Phone and Windows lovers have already performed registry hack to enable this feature in Windows 7.

Coming summer, Microsoft is going to release a new Windows 10 update called the Windows 10 Anniversary update. A lot of speculative features are being expected from this upgrade. Some of the new features will be improved inking supported, updated Start Menu and a lot more.

One of the most-requested features was a dark-themed Windows 10. Thousands of votes were cast in the Windows 10 Feedback app demanding for a dark-themed Windows 10. So, the Anniversary Update will clearly be an important step forward in releasing the Windows 10 dark theme.

As evident from its name, Windows 10 dark theme will enable darker settings system wide. Earlier, people used to tweak the registry to turn on the dark theme but now it will be officially included in the Windows 10.

When Microsoft transitioned from Windows XP to Windows Vista, there was already a lot of improvement in the desktop’s visual effects and translucency in the Start Menu and taskbar, but the company is willing to go for more with the upcoming Anniversary Update.

The dark theme feature was there in the Window 10 phones for years and it is expected that the same handy settings will be used in the Anniversary Upgrade to do a quick toggle in Settings that will allow users to choose between the light and dark themes.

Here is a screenshot from Windows mobile phones where Windows dark theme option is already available:

Windows phone dark theme

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