Simplify & Streamline Your Sales Team With PipelineDeals

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PipelineDeals CRM Software

The exchange of goods and services has become easier in the age of technology but also much more complicated.

While it’s easier than ever for you to order a pizza at any time of day, it’s exceedingly difficult for sales teams managing thousands of leads, prospects, and customers to keep track of everything they need.

To make matters worse, many customer relationship management systems (CRMs) are too bulky, complex, and hard to use.

PipelineDeals is changing the industry. This innovative platform helps sales teams of all sizes build and manage customer relationships and close deals faster with intuitive, easily-installed sales tools.

They’ve simplified their platform to make sense to any user, giving teams streamlined account management with full visibility into customer accounts at all stages of the sales funnel.

You can easily manage key deliverables, project details, milestones, and deadlines in one central hub and even track deals at each stage. By allowing you to share deals internally, PipelineDeals gives you full transparency into goals and your team’s progress towards them.

PipelineDeals is easy to adopt, and if you do encounter any trouble, their free, US-based, 2019 Stevie Award-winning customer support can help in a pinch. Sound right for your team? Check out PipelineDeals today for a 14-day free trial or reach out to schedule a customized demo.



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