Scientists Create World’s Fastest Wearable IC To Revolutionize IoT

worlds fastest ic
worlds fastest ic

world's fastest icShort Bytes:  The world’s fastest and stretchable IC has been created by a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which can operate at 5G and stick to our skin. These ICs can be used in a real-time system to monitor some data and it has the potential to revolutionise IoT

A team of US research engineers at the university of Wisconsin-Madison in the US has just developed an IC which is claimed to be the world’s fastest and stretchable wearable IC (integrated circuit).

According to the experts, this IC has the capability to bring a revolution in the field of the IoT (Internet of Things).

This team of research engineers was led by Zhenqiang ‘Jack’ Ma which developed the IC by using the concepts from the twisted-pair telephone cables.

Like these cable, this serpentine-shaped IC is made up of two layers which give this IC an ability to perform better without affecting the performance.

On top of it, two layers also help in shielding the lines from the outside interference. Also, at the same time, this shielding works in confining the EM waves flowing through them.

This IC operates at radio frequency levels of around 40GHz i.e. much higher compared to the other ICs. Also, these ICs are thinner in dimension when compared to the other stretchable ICs which have transmission lines. The width of the  transmission lines is just 25 micrometres whereas the widths in other ICs can go up to 640 micrometres.

These ICs, in the future, will become a great platform for the wearable tech manufacturers. The device which will be using 5G will mostly get benefitted from it.

Like temporary tattoos, these ICs can also be used in wearable devices that stick to the skin. These ICs can be very helpful in remote patient and data monitoring as well as in almost a real time system.

Source: Science Daily

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