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We, the people at fossBytes, have always been supportive of the Open Source Movement (so much that even the name of our site has ‘FOSS’ embodied in it *chuckles*). And at its core, there is Linux Kernel (pun intended).

Be it the smallest Android smartphone or the biggest of servers, Linux has become the very foundation of our digital lives, something Linus Torvalds could have hardly fathomed.

Over the time, we have published numerous articles highlighting the reasons to switch over to Linux and how beneficial it could prove to our reader base. In order to further extend our contribution to the Open Source community, we have decided to go one step ahead and publish a series of blog posts on Linux.

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These blog posts are intended to help a newbie learn about the Linux kernel and operating system, right from scratch onto the advanced skills that each Linux expert must possess.


Now, the very first question that would obviously be bothering you as a beginner would be: “Why? Just why should I bother switching over to Linux ?”. Before beginning to write these posts, I had the pleasure of interacting with a lot of people of my college who had been introduced to Linux and its various distributions but were still using Windows or Mac based systems!

When I quizzed them about this, they responded that it wasn’t a convenient experience and they did not find it attractive. Things were not available to them as easily as they were in a Windows/Mac system and it was pretty frustrating to search the internet every time before even doing a simple task such as playing a movie.

I will let you people in on a secret, I too had started using Linux some time ago and had abandoned it because of these very reasons, but later I realised that it is these very reasons that make it worth it. While using Linux, you learn to fend for yourself, explore new things and the workings of the system in the process, something which a spoon-feeding Windows/Mac based system can’t teach you.

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That being said, I would never endorse the fact that not using Linux would make you a bad programmer. Your programming skills do not depend upon which OS is staring at you when you turn on your computer. But yeah, using Linux would surely enhance you learning curve at a much faster rate as compared to others.


I would recommend you all to go through these posts before starting with the articles that we are going to publish subsequently:

May the FOSS be with you.


Got any queries of your own or any suggestions on the topics that you would like us to cover? Drop them in the comments below.

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