NASA Wants You To Select the Best Picture Taken by Hubble, Vote Here

hubble crab nebula abell370 photo
hubble crab nebula abell370 photo


I think most of us are already familiar with the name Hubble. To celebrate Hubble’s 25 birthday in April, NASA has launched a competition named Hubble Mania. This is the competition between 32 stunning images taken by Hubble Telescope. The competition will be held in three phases, and the winner will be determined by the votes of the public. After the first round and from the remaining 16 competitors on the basis of the public vote, the ultimate winner will be decided.

Round one of the competition has already begun, and the grand winner best picture by Hubble will be announced at April 6th.

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Here are some excellent pictures captured by Hubble telescope which have been nominated for the competition. Take a look at them and vote for your favorite best picture by Hubble by fallowing the link given at the end of the post.

Pillars of creation Hires
Monkey Head Nebulae
Cat’s Eye Nebulae
Horsehead Nebula

You can give your vote for the best picture by Hubble by following THIS LINK

Source: Hubble

Which picture is your favorite? Tell us in comments
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