Stephen Hawking Claims That He Has Solved The Black Hole Paradox

Stephen Hawking intel
Stephen Hawking intel

Stephen-Hawking-intelShortBytes: In August 2015, Stephen Hawking stirred the world of Astrophysics by saying he’d worked out a solution to the “black hole paradox”. Now his paper is here with the detailed discussion of his proposed hypothesis.

So in easy terms, there are two theories about the information stored in the black hole. One of the theories known as Hawking radiation was proposed by Stephen Hawkings almost 45 years ago.

Hawkins proposed that throughout the universe, there are “virtual” particles and anti-particles which regularly come into existence spontaneously but at the same time, they are also cancelling each other out with a tiny release of energy. The reason we know this happens is that we can see and manipulate vacuum fluctuations.

This paper was written in the context of the mathematical modelling of time which assumed that black holes were just a charged spinning mass with some angular momentum. This paper created a controversy by proposing a mechanism which avers that the information is lost to the universe forever which somehow opposes the ideas of Physicists that the information does not get lost.

Physical laws let us use the present to predict the future, but black holes destroying information also destroy the determinism we rely on. Since then, others have proposed one more thing that could describe a black hole. If you had a way to observe it — it’s “soft hairs” that preserve information about infalling quantum states.

What Hawking and his co-authors have done in this paper is to try and tackle a very thorny question: “If there is hair, what does it look like, and how does it preserve information?”

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Hawking’s proposal of hair restorer last August was that instead of disappearing into the interior of the black hole, information about what dropped in is stored at the event horizon. At the time, he didn’t propose a mechanism for how it was stored.

Hawking isn’t the first to discuss the idea of “hairy” black holes – in that sense, this is an incremental addition rather than an intellectual revolution.

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