What Actually Is The Internet of Things (IoT) – The Beginner’s Guide


iot-internet-of-thingsShort Bytes: IoT or Internet of Things is a modern-day buzzword that points to the technological advancement that we have had in recent years. Connectivity in all spheres of life through regular devices is what IoTs are trying to achieve. But do you know what IoT or Internet of Things is?

Coined by British entrepreneur Kevin Ashton in 1999, IoT or Internet of Things is one of the most interesting subjects which usually overwhelms the discussions on the advancement in the science and technology.

IoT is rapidly becoming a big part of human lives, but many are still ignorant of what Internet of Things or IoT actually is!

What Actually Is The Internet of Things (IOT)?

Now, as confusing as the name Internet of Things already is, we will keep it simple and avoid any jargons.

“The Internet of Things is a web of physical objects or “things”, that are connected to each other allowing them to collect and exchange information with the help of embedded electronics, sensors, software or AI. Here, the Internet or any other network infrastructure acts as the medium of data transfer.”

In the network of these connected objects, each device has a unique identity which work in harmony and it is reported that the IoT will expand to 50 billion devices by 2020 inching in all spheres of our life.

What is the current state of the Internet of Things?

Unlike the other game changer technologies such as Quantum computing, the Internet of Things is already affecting human lives. It has multitudes of uses which are being exploited by both security experts as well as the black hats.

IoT offers advanced connectivity and is heralding the revolution in the machine to machine communication. The “things” in the Internet of Things account for the devices ranging from connected automobiles and surveillance cameras to the heart monitoring implants.

Many tech giants and startups have entered the race of delivering the best and most secure connected devices to the consumers. The technology which was in the nascent stage a few years back has drastically picked up the pace and here we are listening to reports such as car hack and CCTV botnet attacks. These expose the loose security issues, but at least the direction is right.

What is the future of the Internet of Things?

In near future, majority of our electronic or quantum ( hopefully) devices will be connected to the Internet via unique IP address (IPv6, since IPv4 will soon be filled up) and thus could be controlled by the owner from any place at any time.

Developing countries such as India envisaging the flagship projects of Smart Cities will pin their hopes to smart infrastructure combined with the huge influx of IoT technology. As for individuals, wearable connected devices and smart homes would be a key to a smart and sustainable future.

The IoTs will also help the governments and big enterprises in monitoring, collecting, analyzing and then providing solutions for any situation in a short time.

However, while constant upgradation of the technology will mean more electronic waste, the environment issue and green development should be kept in mind as well. Overall, the Internet Of Things has the capacity to build a futuristic society.

Watch Dr. John Barrett explaining the Internet of Things in this video:

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