How To Know If Your Windows PC Got Hacked — Use “Hacked?”

hacked app
hacked app

hacked appShort Bytes: To make your computing experience more secure, Windows developer Lance McCarthy has created an app called “Hacked?”. This app matches your email address with the data breaches and latest hacking attacks, and tells if your data has been compromised.

With the number of data breaches and hacking attacks on the rise, the internet has become a scary place. Today, we can’t call any device completely secure as every other day there’s a new malware appearing in the wild.

As an alternative to the long list of antivirus solutions and anti-malware, there’s a new way to safeguard your data and add an extra security layer to your personal computers.

Called “Hacked?”, this Universal Windows 10 app scans the latest hacks and data breaches and looks for your accounts.

Developed by Windows developer Lance McCarthy, this app just wants your email address and does the rest process on its own. Being a Universal Windows 10 app, this works on Windows 10 PCs, smartphones, and HoloLens too.

The Hacked? app keeps on running in the background and at every 12 hours, it checks if your accounts have been involved in some hack or data breach.

Some of you might compare it with the website Haveibeenpwned where you need to go to the website and enter your email to find out the result. Hacked? makes this job easier by sending automatic notifications if it notices some problem.

The developing team of the app makes sure to tell that your account information is not shared with anybody.

Visit Hacked.

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