Say Hello to Jibo: World’s First Family Robot for Your Home

jibo family robot
jibo family robot

jibo-family-robotShort Bytes: Christened Jibo, it is being called the world’s first family robot. It’s called a family robot because it can remember the face of every person in the home and provide curated information only for them.

Tired of doing everyday chores? A solution is at your disposal, Roboticist Cynthis Breazeal has designed a product that is set to change the way we interact with technology. Christened Jibo is touted as the world’s first family robot as the world’s first family robot will do everyday chores in a blink.

Jibo is designed to master everyday chores like capturing videos, relaying messages, and switching lights on and off. Surprisingly, Jibo has no routine buttons or commands that normally follow artificial intelligence; it’s created to understand the commands just by talking, like you would talk to any other person.

Called the world’s first family robot, it recognizes the face of the members of the house and interacts with them in a customized can read stories to children, and can also adapt to the needs of the other family members.

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Jibo has sensors to help it pick up your touch, it can also respond to affection, For example, it shows a large heart on the screen when you caress it affectionately.

Jibo can help families address fundamental human needs that require high-touch engagement for best results like education, independent aging, and health services right from their homes.

You can order a home or developer edition Jibo from the website.

It will be interesting to see how well world’s first family robot Jibo handles the complexities of human communication and emotions. Tell your views about the world’s first family robot in comments.

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