Ex-Cambridge Analytica Employees Are Reportedly Handling Trump’s 2020 Campaign

Trump 2020 Campaign

Cambridge Analytica was taken down after it was heavily accused of manipulating the results of America’s 2016 Presidential Elections. The firm also faced massive criticism for stealing the data of 87 million Facebook users without the consent.

It has been reported by The Associated Press that the alumni of Cambridge Analytica who have set up a new company named Data Propria, are working on Trump’s 2020 election campaign.

Data Propria is headed by Matt Oczkowski, former head of products at Cambridge Analytica. According to the reports, the newly formed company’s four employees are ex-staffers of Cambridge Analytica including Analytica’s former chief data scientist.

Oczkowsi was overheard in a public conversation talking about “doing the president’s work for 2020” in association with Brad Parscale who is the manager of Trump’s 2020 campaign.

A person close to Data Propria has also said that “Trump-related 2020 work already had begun at the firm along the lines of Cambridge Analytica’s 2016 work.”

However, when questioned by The Associated Press, Oczkowski has denied any such project. He confirmed that Data Propria has successfully bagged a bid on 2018 midterm polling-related work for the RNC with the help of Parscale.

Data Propria, as informed by Oczkowski is working on data analysis and campaign operations and “not going down the psychometrics side of things,”

Psychometrics is a field of science which involves objective measurement of skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement. Cambridge Analytica was found meddling with the election results by developing Psychographic profiles of Facebook users and targeting politically biased advertisements.

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