Samsung Unveils World’s Smallest 200MP Camera

200MP Camera
Image Credit: Samsung

The world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, Samsung Electronics, has announced the ISOCELL HP3 image sensor. It is an advanced camera solution that will come in handy for next-generation flagship smartphones.

Introducing this image sensor will also help smartphone manufacturing companies optimize their internal design. Let us delve deep to see how users and manufacturers will benefit from this new launch by Samsung.

Smallest 0.56-M Pixel 200 MP ISOCELL Image Sensor launched 

The 200MP ISOCELL HP3 image sensor comes with the industry’s smallest 0.56-micrometer pixels. This latest solution by Samsung will minimize the camera module’s footprint in a smartphone.

It will enable the makers to reduce the camera module by 20%, thus producing more thin smartphones. According to JoonSeo Yim, Executive Vice President of the Sensor Business Team at Samsung Electronics, the company is planning to provide the best resolution beyond professional levels for smartphone camera users.

Samsung has also remained a leader in the image sensor market. It has been providing high-resolution sensors with the smallest pixels over the years. The latest ISO HP3 image sensor has a 12% smaller size than its predecessor.

The image sensor has 200 million pixels in a 1/1.4” optical format. The sensor has a super QPD auto-focusing feature, implying that all the sensor’s pixels have auto-focusing capabilities.

This feature will help smartphone users quickly autofocus on the images while capturing images. This 200MP smallest sensor will enable users to capture 8K videos at 30 fps and 4k at 120 fps.

The super QPD solution in this image sensor ensures minimal loss in the field of view while capturing 8K videos. This revolutionary image sensor by Samsung seems beneficial for both sellers and buyers of smartphones. It will help manufacturers optimize their smartphones’ internal design while users can enjoy a premium image and video capturing experience.

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