Samsung Will Produce 1 Million Units Of Its Foldable Smartphone

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Samsung finally unveiled its much-rumored foldable smartphone last week at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019. The rather clumsy looking foldable smartphone speculated to be Galaxy F is expected to be released early next year.

In a press conference for South Korean journalists, DJ Koh, the head of Samsung Mobile business, said that the company would produce more than one million units of the foldable smartphone. Discussing the phone, Koh said it will “definitely launch” in the first half of 2019. The phone will be first pushed in the markets like the US and South Korea with the support for limited carriers initially

According to Koh, “Given Samsung Electronics’ product capacity, for a flagship product, we produce a minimum of one million unit. For the foldable phone, initial stock will be over one million units, and if the market reaction is positive, we can produce more.”

Koh also said that they met with Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and both the companies have discussed the foldable phone’s user experience. He added that the company does not believe that the foldable smartphone will overhaul the conventional smartphone phone factor, and the company is also exploring rollable and stretchable phones technology.

A report by CNET has suggested that the unnamed foldable smartphone from Samsung will cost more than $1500 as the users are getting a tablet as well as a smartphone in a single device.

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