Jeff Bezos Crowned “World’s Richest Person” In Forbes 2018’s Billionaires List

Forbes 2018 Billionaire's List
Credit: Forbes

Yesterday, Forbes magazine refreshed their world’s billionaire’s list for the year 2018. As expected, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man after pushing the “default” richest man to the second position.

Bezos already outperformed Bill Gates in terms of money by a considerable margin. But, it was according to the Forbes’ real-time Billionaire’s list where positions change as the individual worth of the rich people goes up and down. Gates’ net worth in Forbes’ 2018 billionaire’s list is valued at $90 Billion.

The list continues to include Warren Buffet, Bernard Arnault & family, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, etc.

The new billionaire’s list is longer lasting than the real-time list. The name of Amazon’s boss will remain on top, at least, for a year, or until some cryptocurrency billionaire magically pops out of nowhere. In addition to the victory, Bezos also holds the title of the first man to cross $100 Billion net worth.

The idea of creating Amazon which would later become the world’s go-to e-commerce company sprouted when Bezos was driving back to Seattle. Currently, he owns 16% of Amazon’s business. Other than selling products online, big contributions are made to Amazon’s growing size by their cloud computing venture Amazon Web Services (AWS). Further factors are their hardware lineup including Alexa-powered Echo, and Fire-branded devices.

But the tech mogul also has the dream of traveling in the space that’s why he founded the SpaceX-style company called Blue Origin to develop reusable rockets that will carry passengers. Bezos’s shopping bag includes The Washington Post as well, which was bought for $250 million in 2013.

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