How To Enable Firefox’s New Side View And Custom Themes Experiments?

Mozilla Firefox Experiments Side View Colors

It’s been almost two years since Mozilla launched their Firefox experiments program called Test Pilot. Through the program, Mozilla pushes features to interested users to make sure they work as they should.

The features eventually make it to the public release of the web browser. For instance, the built-in Screenshot tool in Firefox was also a part of the test pilot. Recently, Mozilla has made two new additions to Test Pilot: Colors And Side View.

Use Firefox Side View and Custom Themes

The Colors extension lets you create personalized themes by choosing custom colors for different elements of the browser like the address bar, toolbar, background texture, text, etc. It also provides many editable preset themes, in case, you can’t figure out a combination.

After you’re done with creating your perfect Firefox theme, you can save it or share it with other people in the form of a URL.

The second feature Side-View enables a split view interface in Mozilla Firefox. So, people can browse two different websites simultaneously without the need to switch tabs. This is helpful when one is comparing deals or looking for hotels on two different sites.

After adding a website to the sidebar, you can resize it. However, the annoying thing is that the sidebar can’t be resized to cover half of the screen’s width. Maybe, because, it’s a sidebar.

If you want to enable the new Firefox features right now, go to the program’s website and install the Test Pilot add-on. Next, you can enable Colors, Side View, or any other experimental feature. You can use Test Pilot on your computer running Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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