Samsung Finally Shows Off Its Foldable Smartphone

samsung foldable smartphone sdc

At its Samsung Developer Conference 2018, the Korean technology giant unveiled its much-anticipated foldable smartphone. While the company just showed a prototype, it surely gave us an idea of what to expect.

Prior to the reveal, Samsung introduced its new Infinity Flex Display technology. The company called it the next big breakthrough in the display technology. Based on the same, Samsung showed off a prototype.

From the first look, the device looks just like a thick and ugly smartphone with a regular touchscreen display on the front.

samsung foldable smartphoneHowever, it opens up to reveal its second and bigger screen that turns the foldable phone into a tablet. When open, the users will be able to use three apps side-by-side.

During the presentation, Samsung said that their display is super-durable and one can fold it hundreds of thousands of times.

The event also witnessed the announcement of a Samsung-Google partnership that has enabled the upcoming built-in support for this new form factor of devices named “foldables.”

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