Google Quietly Launches ‘Switch To Android’ App For iOS

Swith to Android App
Image: Google

Google has quietly listed a Switch to Android app on the Apple App Store. Switch to Android is accessible via a direct link in many global markets, including the U.S.

Reports surfaced last year that Google is developing an app that will help users who want to switch from iOS to Android. And now the app is available on the App Store.

Switch To Android app

Google has not made any official announcement for the launch. The app does not appear in the App Store search results and can only be downloaded using a direct link.

Even the Switch to Android website is not updated yet. Notably, the app also does not appear on the Google developer page on App Store. So, technically we can’t call it a launch. Earlier this year, Apple started allowing app developers to set their App as Unlisted before the release.

Google has used the feature to mark the Switch to Android app as unlisted on the App Store. We downloaded the app using the direct link, and as expected, the app is ready to make the transition from an iPhone to an Android smartphone easier.

On the first step, the Switch to Android app asks to scan a QR Code on the Android smartphone. Once done, the next step will allow users to import contacts, calendars, Photos, and Videos to Google Drive.

The third step has step-by-step instructions to turn off iMessage. In the last step Switch to Android app redirects to the iCloud Request data page. From there, users can request their data stored on iCloud.

In our usage, the app didn’t work as it should. The QR scanning was not working. As the app is still not officially available. We expect Google is already working to fix the last stage issues and then make a release.

As you might know, Apple already has a similar Move to iOS app on the Google Play Store for years.

Hopefully Switch to Android app will bring some iPhone users to Android. What are your thoughts about Google launching an app for iPhone users who want to try Android? Do let us know in the comments.

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