Reliance MyJio App Shows Full-Screen Ads Even With No Permissions

MyJio App Full-Screen Ads

Jio, a subsidiary of Reliance, is today the largest cell network in India with a user of more than 369.93 million subscribers.

This is primarily due to its cheap data plans, which initially helped it to surpass other competitors in the market. Now, it appears the company has fallen on cheap tactics to make more money.

Jio users are complaining on Reddit that the telecom’s official app, known as MyJio pushes full-screen display on Android even if one has revoked all permissions.

The MyJio app enables users to manage their accounts, check and revise data plans, recharge a number, and access Jio’s secondary services such as JioMusic or JioTV.

However, the app has now become a nuisance for many. Several users on Reddit wrote that the app manages to throw intrusive full-screen ads even when the app is disabled.


According to Jio users, while the ads are not too frequent, they particularly appear after a call or when the device is removed from charging.

“I have turned off every possible permission like app permissions, display over other apps, change device settings, force stop after quitting the app, and nothing helped. Most people are confirming the same.”

How to stop MyJio ads?

Some people who have tried to stop the ads, claim that there is no way to do it unless you uninstall MyJio as well as its sister apps such as JioMuisc, JioTV, JioCall, etc.

However, few on Reddit write that ad-blockers with DNS level protection can help in getting rid of the Jio app ads. A few examples of good ad blockers are Blokada, Netguard, Adgaurd, etc.

Another way to stop the Jio App full-screen ads is to inform your smartphone’s IEMI number to Jio Care, who will stop pushing the ads from the server, according to app developer expert Amit Agarwal.

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