Facebook Tracks Your Location If You Comment Against Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook BOLO List

Facebook is a trove of an unimaginable amount of data, and by now, we are aware that the company can track us individually by using it. In a startling revelation by CNBC, it has been found that Facebook also keeps track of the location of all those users who threaten its employees and the company.

Speaking to CNBC, more than a dozen former Facebook employees confirmed that the company keeps a log of negative comments on its platform and in some cases tracks those individuals who might pose a threat to its employees and the company itself.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, “Our physical security team exists to keep Facebook employees safe,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement. “They use industry-standard measures to assess and address credible threats of violence against our employees and our company, and refer these threats to law enforcement when necessary.”

Facebook keeps a “be on lookout” or a “BOLO” list which is updated every week since the company started maintaining it since 2008. Every time a new person is added to the list, Facebook forwards the details including user’s name, photograph, their general location and a short description about why they were added in the list to its security team.

The criteria to get added in this list is pretty low. While some users were added for sending threating mail to Facebook employees, others were simply added because they commented ” F**k you, Mark,” “F**k Facebook,” or “I’m gonna go kick your a**.”

The way Facebook manages its data and uses it for its own motive, even if to protect its employees, is a breach of privacy. If you have criticized Facebook or have commented against Mark Zuckerberg, there are chances that you are in the company’s “BOLO” list and your location is being monitored.

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