Microsoft Open Sources Azure IoT Edge Runtime; Launches New Edge-computing Tools

azure iot runtime open source

At its Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft is doubling down its continuous efforts in the AI and IoT field. It’s worth noting that these technologies are being pushed as one of the most important ones for developers.

Along the similar lines, the company’s CEO Satya Nadella took the center stage and announced a new cloud service named Azure IoT Edge. It’s an AI-powered service that’ll help developers gain easy insights from different sensors and computers connected to the edge networks.

The IoT Edge runtime is something that runs on each IoT Edge device; the company has open sourced this runtime to let the developers use their expertise and get a better control over edge applications.

The company also announced a couple of Azure IoT Edge partnerships with vendors like DJI and Qualcomm. DJI will partner with Redmond to build a Windows 10 drone SDK, and Qualcomm will create a vision AI dev kit. These tools will be powered by Azure IoT Edge.

In other related news, the company also revealed its Brainwave deep neural network acceleration platform. Brainwave will let Azure customers run complex deep learning models with high performance and bring AI-powered services to the reach of any developers. Launching in limited preview, Dell and HP are the first partners of Project Brainwave.

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