Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball Can Put Out Any Fire In Seconds!

elide fire extinguishing ball
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According to the National Fire Protection Association, as many as 70 firefighters died on the job in the U.S. last year. This goes to show that firefighting is an undeniably crucial but risky profession. Many firefighters around the world continue to put their life at risk for rescuing other people. For this reason, inventors keep coming up with new firefighting products, such as Elide Fire, that can minimize the loss.

Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball can effectively deal with various types of fire incidents. You can either place it somewhere fire-prone or just toss it into a raging fire. Either way, it activates as soon as it detects a fire and unleashes chemicals to extinguish the same.

The Thailand-based firm that manufactures the ball has conducted demonstrations showing its incredible performance. Here’s a compilation of this ingenious firefighting solution at work.

How does Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball work?

Elide Fire can be used as a fire prevention measure as well as a firefighting measure. Using the specialized attachments that come with it, you can place it in locations where a fire incident can quickly turn ugly. This can either be in the kitchen or near electrical appliances, or even inside a car’s bonnet. In the case of an ongoing fire incident, you can either throw the ball or drop it using a drone.

Once Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball comes in contact with fire, within three seconds, it explodes into a cloud of chemicals. This chemical combination is eco-friendly and doesn’t pose a danger to people. Meanwhile, it also makes a loud noise when it goes off, which can act as an alert. Additionally, it is drop-proof which means it won’t go off unnecessarily if someone dropped it. Instead, the ball activates at a certain temperature exclusively.

elide fire extinguishing ball demo
Image: YouTube / ELIDE FIRE extinguishing ball

There are two size variants of the firefighting product, namely Elide Fire and Mini Elide Fire. These are suitable for safeguarding residences and have a shelf life of 5 years. Moreover, Mini Elide Fire also comes in an engine room version with special car-oriented attachments and a shelf life of 2 years.

Besides this anti-fire ball, there are some other unique firefighting tools worth checking out. Not just that, authorities are also exploring the usage of high-end firefighting drones.

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