Qualcomm Announces New Wi-Fi Chipsets Delivering 10 Gbps Network Speeds


Qualcomm just announced a family of new 60GHz Wi-Fi chipsets  — the QCA64x8 and QCA64x1 that can deliver 10+Gbps network speed.

It appears to be the beginning of a new generation of super-fast Wi-Fi standard that will be used in the future. However, don’t expect it to be used for something like web browsing.

The current Wi-Fi technology is already on the verge of receiving a major upgrade with Wi-Fi 6. Over the next year, we will see phones, laptops, routers and other internet-enabled devices with support for Wi-Fi 6.

But this announcement isn’t about Wi-Fi 6. The new chipsets are going to be used for specific purposes like high-speed wireless data transfer in VR headsets. One can also think of it as a single-purpose wireless connection.

This technology has an official name 802.11ay, also known as WiGig. It uses a 60GHz millimeter wave hardware to deliver more speed in addition to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands found in common Wi-Fi routers.

But the high speed comes at a costless ability to penetrate walls. It means that we can use it only when the transmitter and receiver are within eyesight range with no obstacles at all between them.

This limitation makes it unclear whether this piece of technology will be a hit, but it can significantly improve VR gaming experience and similar purposes. In a way, WiGig will be competing with 5G which uses radio waves similarly to offer blazing speeds over a limited distance.

But all of this meant for the future, and right now the only thing you need to look out for is the Wi-Fi 6 so make sure the routers you buy next are Wi-Fi 6 enabled.

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