American Road Patch: The Band-Aid For Potholed Roads

american road patch
Image: American Road Patch YouTube channel

Any new solution that is more effective and more efficient than the traditional solution is undoubtedly revolutionary. In the context of road repairs, American Road Patch is the groundbreaking answer to the painstakingly long, existing repair process.

The American Road Patch is a quick and convenient remedy for fixing roads with potholes and other irregularities. It is a patented product that is manufactured by the American firm ABH Enterprises.

Although it might seem like a temporary quick fix at first, it is actually a long-term solution for rough roads. Here’s a video of this repair product that shows its easy application.

American Road Patch and its features

The American Road Patch is a peel-and-stick solution for fixing and covering up potholes on roads and streets. It is a protective layer made up of a fiberglass reinforcement, surrounded by a bitumen sheet and covered by a synthetic aggregate surface.

When compared to the traditional process of repairing roads, the American Road Patch gallops way ahead. That’s because not only is it comparatively more durable but it is also less time-consuming.

The traditional repair method requires a portion of the road to be cordoned off for a considerable amount of time. Even then, sometimes, the repair gets undone quickly because of water seeping through the new filling. Contrastingly, American Road Patch’s application is swift and, thanks to its adhesive properties, seals the fixed spot to prevent any liquid or external material from going through.

american road patch application
Image: American Road Patch YouTube channel

In addition, the American Road Patch is also very versatile when it comes to target surfaces. It is suitable for both concrete and asphalt roads. Moreover, its applications include closing off manholes, fixing uneven bridge joints, and filling in defunct road markers, among other things.

After almost a decade since its development, the American Road Patch has starred in many success stories across several U.S. cities and towns. From conventional driveways to busy roads, this repair technique has proven its effectiveness in fixing potholes in different scenarios.

By the way, do you think this technique should get popular internationally, given it saves time and also increases the durability of road repairs? Sound off in the comments below.

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