PUBG Mobile Patch 1.1 Brings Metro Royale Mode, New Weapons, And More

PUBG Mobile patch 1.1

PUBG Mobile partnered with another game, Metro Exodus, and released Patch 1.1 on Nov 10, 2020. The new update adds plenty of exciting features such as a new game mode, new weapons, new equipment, etc.

Also, PUBG Mobile has adopted a Metro Exodus theme for Season 16’s Royale Pass content. The new version takes up 610MB of storage space on Android, whereas it occupies a significant 1.63GB on iOS devices.

For those wondering what Metro Exodus is, it is a critically-acclaimed first-person shooter that was launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Released in 2019, it is the third game in the Metro Trilogy after Metro 2033 (2010) and Metro: Last Light (2013).

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.1 All New Features

As per the official release notes, the patch introduces a brand new game mode called “Metro Royale,” in which you can access new missions, new loadout, an exclusive store called “The Black Market,” and more.

The Black Market is where you can buy new weapons and other items available in Metro Royale. You may even sell inventory items to earn Metro Cash for purchasing other equipment.

Among the new weapons and equipment are the Tikhar Rifle, a full-body heavy armor, new weapon and armor attachments, night-vision and thermal sights, etc. You’ll have to resort to these tools to survive against the bandits and the monsters.

Moreover, there are two new map variants based on Erangel: bandit camps, command posts, and railcars. You can use railcars for faster travel across the map and use the command post for interacting with the new NPC-based gameplay element.

A follow-up theme called “Winter Festival” will arrive in December. It will transform Erangel into a frozen frontier, where you can use the snowboard to glide your way past obstacles as you search for the Winter Castle Paradise. Or, you can spend some time in a hut with your friends — maybe even start a snowball fight?

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The latest patch also adds the ability to throw melee weapons up to a radius of 40m. Another strategic addition to the Classic mode, spike traps, helps you puncture enemy vehicles’ tires and foil their gameplan.

Finally, the devs have also fixed various bugs to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted PUBG Mobile experience for players.

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