Anonymous Sends Message To Donald Trump In New Video


Short Bytes: In a new video, hacktivist collective Anonymous has “requested” Donald Trump to take care of the American citizens. It proclaims that Trump has a chance to make himself great again by doing memorable deeps and ending the wars.

After warning the world about the possibility of World War III in near future, hacktivist group Anonymous is here with its new video that’s basically a humble request to the America’s President-elect Donald Trump.

In the video, Anonymous calls itself a representative of the people who elected him to be their President. Trying to show some hope, the collective expects that Trump will make positive changes.

The message goes on to blame the past Presidents for bowing down to the powerful, wealthy, and corrupt. “Therefore, we wonder, What will you do during your term? You have spoken about many issues during your election campaign but we are here to tell you that there are more things to worry about than building a wall,” the video adds.

Anonymous also requests Trump to encourage all countries to end the wars, stop killing innocent people, and protect the citizens’ rights.

The video ends with the message that apart from making America great again, Trump also has the chance to making his term memorable by choosing the right path.

Contrary to the past videos of Anonymous that were full of aggression, the new video seems like a humble request. The collective, which started as a genuine movement, is now struggling, thanks to the internal conflicts and wannabe hackers.

The same emotion is expressed in the comments. While some have called Anonymous a troll, other have labeled it as a crawling zombie whose guts are leaving as it roams.

Here’s the complete video:

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